Monday, April 01, 2013


this collaboration was done for a cover of "rotkop", a belgian monthly zine, xeroxed with a silkscreened or offset cover, that ran for less than a year. the "religion" issue was never printed due to serious incompetence of the editor (each issue had another editor) who obviously felt i was trespassing on his domain, which wasn't a first time since i collaborated with him on several occasions before. good artist, but a bit insecure. oh well ... this is a colored xerox to show where the colors had to be applied when being silkscreened. the next issue, i forgot the theme, was also never printed. the second drawing is based on a photo which i altered, obviously. the body is "borrowed" from adult model laura lion btw.


Dieter VDO said...

I understand it isn't nice to be namedropping when it comes to incompetent or insecure artists, but damn,
you got me curious now!

Marcel Ruijters said...

Rotkop's untimely demise was undeserved, I'd say.

Nice to see this again after a whole decade.

Kapreles said...

not really incompetent as an artist, but insecure, at least back then. i'm sure he also has an opinion about me, haha. rotkop wasn't bad. i was surprised at the time that antwerpen had a fairly big "underground/alternative" scene.