Monday, April 29, 2013


suggestion for the cover of hopital brut # 9 (ca. 2007), or as an illustration within the pages. i'm not sure i actually sent the drawing. i've seen other suggestions for a cover for hb # 9 on the internet & in other anthologies of le dernier cri, so i wasn't the only one with that idea ;-). the drawing is based on the wormboy drawing i did back then. about 3 or 4 versions where made. this is wormboy without the worms. the colors are added in 2013. the brain abomination is from ca. 2007 and used as a silkscreened inside front and back cover for a belgian anthology, the last drawing is a thick-lined version of a thin-lined one i did some time ago.


Marcel Ruijters said...

That would have made a nice cover! Did you send stuff for the next HB?

Kapreles said...

yes, i uploaded some stuff on flickr for bolino to download which he did. btw: i was asked to do a silkscreened book for late 2012 but i didn't have enough new material. i hope to get it done this year if they're still interested

Marcel Ruijters said...

Go for it, my boy.