Friday, October 23, 2015

Pacing various things and doing them properly

 As usual I've got a ridiculously huge list of things I want to see on the internet and because of the changing nature of the internet it feels a few tads more urgent than getting through my books. It does often feel like an endless burden going through all these curiosities and I'm sure there will be things I can do without but there's definitely an abundance of things truly worth seeing.

 I was going through John Coulthart's blog archives HERE, and it taken a month or two to see everything I wanted and even then I'm sure I missed a lot of good stuff. A lot of the preview images he chooses don't represent what I think is the best work in a lot of the linked galleries (but there's nothing that can be done about that), so I very nearly decided not to look at some of the best galleries. Nick Hyde and Leonidas Kryvosej are my two favourite discoveries from these links, their best work is really stunning, the type of stuff I aspire towards. Both are surrealists and I think both are best when they are doing less typically surrealist style images and go heavier on the atmosphere. Neither seem to have books dedicated to them and their websites have far too small images. A real shame.

 Here's Leonidas Kryvosej. I could have chosen so many, I like the mid period stuff best but it's still going to be a few weeks before I finish looking at everything. His gallery is HERE, and there are many phases.

 Nick Hyde has lots of copyright and permission warnings so I'll just link to two of my favourites HERE and HERE.

 Even regardless of my OCD, these images are demanding of my time. Just like with some of my art books, I hoped I could power through these galleries in a short time but that becomes surprisingly exhausting and you're not likely to feel the full effect of the images that way. Being someone who spends a huge amount of time creating images I do feel funny just glancing over a brilliant artist's decades of complex and extravagant work in just several minutes.
 There is a temptation to save them in a folder for later but it's quite possible I'd never go back to them if I did that (so many art discs I haven't looked at in years).

 Too often with internet hunting/viewing, I try to finish one thing at a time but it's much better to juggle as much as you can and take it all in small doses.


Ibrahim R. Ineke said...

On Doing Things Properly:

dumping a lead plane in a gallery.

How do you feel about work as heavily textured as Kiefer's; does that open up in your imagination the same way as the 'traditionally' visionary stuff?
It allows you to stare and 'see'things in the textures, like staring at tree bark or wood knots...

Robert Adam Gilmour said...

I quite like most of the work I've seen by him. It would probably benefit a much closer look at the actual work but it doesn't really fire me up the same way as the visionary surrealism stuff.

I like these..