Friday, November 17, 2017


Dungeon Degenerates - Hand of Doom is the biggest project Goblinko has created to date & it arrived in Portland on Halloween, 2017. We've spent the last two weeks getting a thousand kickstarter backed copies out to our backers & now we're gearing up for our big Christmas Sale. What started out as a combat card game that we asked our friend Eric Radey to write rules for has grown into a monstrous board game with an enormous world to explore - full of intrigue, weirdness, terror & lowlife elements. We put our full 100% into this game & it really shows.

I did an absurd amount of art for this game. Every card has unique art - every monster & every loot is a new piece of art. The Rules & The Missions books are heavily illustrated as well. Game Designer Eric Radey went the extra mile as well - the rules are smooth & effective & the thing drips with background information. It is an intense, immersive & new fantasy world that is both familiar & surprising at the same time.

Dungeon Degenerates incorporates tons of Goblinko themes that we've developed over the years & you will find yourself immersed in the life-changing weirdness that we've spent almost 20 years creating. Sausages, midgets, the occult, drugs, fungus, S&M, Euro-Strangeness, Shamanism, societal disfunction, cults & Goblins are just some of the things waiting you in Dungeon Degenerates.

- Sean


Marcel Ruijters said...

Congratulations, that is awesome!

FuFu Frauenwahl said...

Fuck yeah! Congrats Sean!