Sunday, November 19, 2017


"Waterzooi" 65 x 96 cm, ink on paper. The result of a drawing session between Gwen Stok, Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk a.k.a. Cirque de Pepin and me. The concept was Noach's ark after the flood with unruly animals in the 16th century mannerist style. The title literally means "watery mess" but also refers to the self-depreciating name of a Belgian soup dish (which is actually quite good) for which no English translation exists.


Unknown said...

Beautiful - I love your collab drawings!

Marcel Ruijters said...

Thank you! We intend to do more. During the 1990s i was quite busy doing collab work (through mail), then it ended around 2K. I realised that i actually had started missing it when Gwen invited me, some two years ago.

Paleo said...

Great drawing, it looks very cohesive.