Wednesday, May 02, 2007

bing, bang, boom

New card art, also, most likely my entries into the Entarte Kunts show (more on this later!) up in Portland this June at Optic Nerve gallery.
This is the Frankenstein's Monster version of my character "Chinese Spaghetti".
This is a grown up Pippy Longstocking, except she is a hill-billy.
This is Jonny Gestapo, my zine writing alter-ego from early issues of my first zine, Goblin's Armpit. He is a character that reflects my previous non-understanding of myself as not an underdog Popeye type of character, but as a dominating Bluto.
This is High Ball, a glue sniffing giant eye headed dude.
This is Darian the Aryan Barbarian, he's kind of a holdover from the punk & hardcore crossover days. The kind of guy you used to meet at those kinds of shows.


Unknown said...

WOW... these are wicked, Sean. I love the Residents type eyeball.

zeke said...

cool stuff sean, the shading makes me think of r.k. sloane and jeff gaither, two of my fave artists! didn't r.k. sloane die fairly recently?

SEAN said...

Thanks dudes. Yeah, big eyes are pretty much universally awesome. I have a special segment of my classes where i teach how to draw "the bulging eyeballs". Yeah Zeke, there is definitely some Sloane & Gaither in there, via Rat Fink comics, which i used to buy in the 80s. It's pretty much the same technique that Crumb uses too, except it's a little grittier & edgier. & i didn't know about Sloane dying, but yes indeed, looks like he just passed away! Crazy. Maybe i collected a bit of his ghost.

Luke P. said...

Did I mention, everyone, that I bought a set of Seans' cards and they're awesome?

SEAN said...

Ha. Thanks Luke. Not only that, but he didn't even have to buy them, but he did, because he supports excellence!

Aeron said...

You remember that idea I told you about with the stick gum back on artdorks? You should still do that. Pink painted piece of cardboard, nobody would be able to tell the difference. And a sprinkle of powdered sugar for added effect.

You should go all out with these, package them the whole deal. I know they would sell like a motherfucker in Chicago.

Jon Chandler said...

the colour choices are really really great

SEAN said...

You know it Aeron. Hey, i wanna trade some sh*t with you man. Let's trade. I'll send you some zines & some cards. Some drawings. What's your address? I'm gonna try & get real gum for the packs. I also just bought a sticker vending machine for $25, which i'm gonna get set up somewhere or other. Pretty stoked on that. Thanks Jon! You can thank my work for these lovely colors. Hey, i just looked at your Battle of the Planets comic. WOW! Loved that show when i was little. Your version is NUTS.

Jon Chandler said...

yeah people tell me it's a bit bonkers but I didn't really notice at the time.
Well, I'm working on a Ulysses 31 comic now so I hope that goes well enough to show everyone.
Real gum for the packets is a good idea, better than putting hot dogs inside.