Monday, May 07, 2007

Clive Barker Heads

I stumbled across these scans I took of a couple drawings I was lucky enough to have Clive Barker draw for me a long time ago. Strangely the point headed one was drawn in 96 and the other in 98, I guess when he sees me he's compelled to draw weird masks on sticks. I need to go to another book signing of his sometime and give him some artwork back in return. I've been reading his books since my early teens and he's continued to be a huge influence in my artwork. His Abarat series has been one of the larger influences in how I conceptualize my own fantasy worlds.


Luke P. said...

I've been reading Barker since I was a teenager too. BOOKS OF BLOOD is still up there for me . Perfect stuff.

Paleo said...

Yeah, Barker & the Books of Blood! great stuff