Monday, February 18, 2008

autobiographical work & tattoos

I never know if i should cross-post from blog to blog. I'm currently operating two separate blogs & then contributing to this one. I don't want to cross-post to all of them, but sometimes feel people might miss what i'm saying, so i try to mix up the content a bit! This is actually an old piece that i can't remember if i posted here or not, but i was feeling fond of it.
It's one of the first pieces where i started to include autobiographical elements, this one is about my childhood!

Then, i thought i'd share some tattoos people have of my drawings from the early 90s when i was a post-apocalyptic Punk Rocker with Volkisch tendencies.
Coco with Sean Goblin tattoo

These two have the same drawing done.
Moe with Sean Goblin tatoo
Josh with Sean Goblin tattoo

I kind of miss the days of when i was involved in a subculture where stuff like this would happen more (people getting tattoos of my work), when i was very much tied into a group of people & was a bit of an iconoclastic shaman of sorts. Ever since i decided to become part of society, i have felt more isolated on one hand, but on the other hand, less alienated. I prefer this actually... i hate alienation.


zeke said...

this's great!, has anybody else any photos of tattoos of their work that people have gotten?

Luke P. said...

Why can't I figure out what body part the first pic displays? I thinks it's somewhere around asscrack and elbow..

SEAN said...

Luke, you're right, it's the ass-crack's elbow. This picture has been a mystery for me since i got it. This was our last contact also, back in 1994 or some such. So... i have no idea. Hopefully she'll google her name & find one of these posts.