Saturday, February 09, 2008

Oozy Woozy

So lately I've been insanely busy working on a vast pile of ink creature drawings. I've got between one thousand and one thousand 200ish that I'm doing, all of which will be published this fall. I'm also planning on printing all of them across one big poster that I'll probably sell on my blog. I had to put a lot of paintings on the back burner to do this series and will be returning to those soon. Beyond that I'm doing a mini art book concerning the alphabet recreated with demons and tortured souls which grew out of some stuff I was doing for Craig Yoe's next Arf book which is due out in May. I'm juggling back and forth on other projects like my digital stuff and Hob Bob, some sculptures of monster masks and other stuff I'm forgetting. I've been wanting to experiment with the technique that Xia Xiaowan has put to amazing use. Been thinking of getting a small stack of plexiglass and painting layer over layer to create some sort of landscape with the distant areas painted in the backward pieces and the foreground objects painted in the frontward pieces. Has anyone messed around with anything like that? Anyway, no art for now as I'm not near a scanner.

edit - I just had a crazy dream where I ran out of a large classical dome theater in the middle of a forest and was trying to escape a giant monster that resembled a huge wooden painted devil with clots of black fur that was trying to eat me, it was awesome! I've already forgotten the details but I know the giant wooden puppet thing had something to do with the show, and no it wasn't Faust.

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zeke said...

This all sounds fantastic Aeron, really look forward to seeing the results.
The plexiglass project sounds cool, something I keep meaning to have a go at is doing a strip using cell animation techniques. Drawing some backdrops, then painting the characters on acetate and putting them on the backdrops.