Monday, February 18, 2008

yellow blarer

I had this up on my wall at home but had to take it down 'cause the eyes seem to follow me around the room and it was quite unsettling


Aeron said...

That could be a great conversation piece for company. Just have it on the wall and have something covering the eyes. When someone asks why you have part of the drawing covered, tell them you have your reasons. Keep blowing em off until they demand to know why the drawing is covered up. And say, alright, you REALLY WANT TO KNOW!? And they'll shout, yeah, fuckin tell me! Then go up to it and yank the covering off and listen to them scream and run out of your house and never return!

SEAN said...

those eyebrows are pretty intense too.

zeke said...

HaH! that'd be a great way to get rid of unwanted guests!
mebbe the ultimate test of a monster drawing is if it has the ability to make people scream and run off!