Friday, June 27, 2008



Aeron Alfrey said...

I'm not familiar with Turrican, I'll have to look it up.

Luke Pski said...

I love how loose your lines are. I see some Panter inspiration in all of your stuff, but I think you've transcended the direct influence.
Can't wait to read the whole thing.
HE's running through a museum, right?

Turok Reader said...

evening fellas,
the dark area at the back is the room he was in before. Now he is running through a kind of lobby/museum area on his way out.

Russ Nicholson is also a big influence, he drew illustrations in Fighting Fantasy books from the eighties.
I grew up looking at his drawings a lot.
And also my dad`s art is pretty good too:

Human Mollusk said...

Hey Jon, it's great to see your drawings back on the blog. I really like all of the new ones but I think this one's my favorte among them.

Jon Chandler said...

another thing Luke, with that loose line it`s cool to do a scene like this which has perspectives and not have to worry anout rulers and vanishing points and that stuff I don`t care for, and to just get on and draw and use your natural eye.