Friday, June 27, 2008

new ink "Pilgrimage"

Ok, I still have three inks to go, and that should conclude this series- that I sorta started in '05 with "She Lord" ink. Also, me and my wife just got a house, we'll be moving in Aug. 12. I'll finally have my studio/room all to myself. Which is great. On top of that I have a show coming up in a couple months and I just got the frames for the artwork. Stuff looks really great framed. That was a sigh of relief. Having said that I think I'll need a little bit more than coffee to keep me going in the weeks to come.


Aeron Alfrey said...

Interesting scene, the elongated figures scattered through out the crowd are very bizarre. Is there a backstory behind this piece or is it just a random scene from this fantasy world of yours?

Luke Pski said...

That's great. Looks like some commentary on a totalitarian type religion, with the tall guys acting as police-priests.
Congrats on the house! My girlfriend/ commonlaw wife just bought our first house.We've been in here a month now. Spent all day yesterday painting.
I was overwhelmed by the responsibility for a while.There is always stuff to do, stuff to worry about. I never considered before this that someday I'd have to mow my own lawn and weed a garden. A few friends came over and I was pulling out weeds as they walked up and they couldn't hepl but laugh at me..
Where'd you get the house, right in Philly?

MD Encolpius said...

aeron - I guess it is like a religious pilgrimage in my made-up world. I think that, eventually, if I were to post all 10 inks together-hopefully it would fill in the made-up world a bit.

luke- Yeah, in center city philly, we strongly kept our lifestyle in mind when we were thinking about the mortgage. So we could continue living it, and not be "house-poor." We'll see how that's gonna work out.
And yeah, the tolalitarian religious theng is about right. Though I'm not sure if those big dudes are police. More like walking symbols.

Human Mollusk said...

I love this drawing. Once more you conjure up a fascinating (and frightening) world with your original designs.