Thursday, June 26, 2008

This Temple Breathes

Another conceptual collage for a color work I'll be drawing soon. I've got a good idea for this scene going into the Hob Bob comic where Hob has to acquire some key or artifact inside the temple but must defeat all of the skeleton mummies that come to life in the niches along the walls before the door will open. Some sort of reference to Harryhausen I guess.

Just had another great idea for this scene, Hob has to walk up a gigantic staircase that leads up the body of this huge demonic character whose head you see here which would be standing hundreds of feet above the landscape with some weird helmet contraption on its neck which would be part of this circular interior. And it also functions to keep the giant demon paralyzed on the ground sooo, gotta figure out a way in the story for the helmet to come off so the giant can get loose and attack the nearest village. Maybe once Hob takes the object from inside the demon's head it will cause some Indiana Jones insanity where the helmet contraption shakes loose and Hob has to run down the stairs before it crumbles. Those are going to be some fun comic pages to draw.

Something else I just worked out, I've been trying to figure out a way to explain why Hob can walk around without a head and see where he's going. Well, he's going to have one cyclopean eye in his chest!


Jeffrey Meyer said...

I really like the central, symetrical composition of these two last pieces of yours, Aeron.

I wonder about composition a lot... obviously it must relate to content and I think the disturbing nature of what you've included here is given an additional "jolt" of strangeness by the stagelike, theatrical settings - if that makes sense?

Looking forward to the finished work.

pickledpunk said...

It's surreal and nightmarish with a tad of hell thrown in. And it frightens me a bit. Great concept!

Paleo said...

"one cyclopean eye in his chest"

Aleluyah the All Seeing Eye of Hob Bob!