Friday, January 16, 2009


Here's a large portion of my book collection and a few toys. The large black thing standing on the giant Lovecraft book on the top is actually a sculpture I made that I want to eventually turn into a ten foot tall statue. Hidden somewhere inbetween a few of those books are xeroxed pages of a good chunk of an unpublished Tobias Tak graphic novel. The Diane Arbus book near the top I bought for 2 bucks at a used book store, one of my favorite photography books, has a lot of people with mental disabilities wearing halloween masks, really strange imagery. Just below that is another of my favorite books, a large collection of Piranesi's Prison etchings.

Ok, now someone else post their books!


Gaspard Pitiot said...

Interesting. I’m surprised I didn’t see any Fredox. Do you know him? He might interest you.

Robert Adam Gilmour said...

Interesting to see Paula Rego next to all that.

I've been planning to do this for a long time,,, but more concentrating on my enormous pile of things I havent read yet. It's huge. I might have to use my Dad's camera phone.

Gaspard Pitiot said...
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Uland said...

Ahhh, shelf porn..
There's a lot of overlap in our collections. I'm jealous of those Moebius collections though..

SEAN said...

Fun stuff. I'm going to do that too. Gotta put batteries in my camera.

zeke said...

Good post this, will post my own creaky shelves, would love to see a few scans from the san gottardo book, always wanted to get a copy of that.
Realised looking at this post that I hardly ever look at art books anymore, dunno why.