Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monster Childhood Revisited

Hello, all! Lately, I've gotten back into recreating some old drawings that I did as a child. On the left, a drawing from 1974 of a horned monster attacking two buildings, some army men, and....a dump truck, a bulldozer, and a cement mixer. I'm pretty sure that the horned monster was my take on Gomora, from Ultraman. Anyway, on the right is a version I did today. Because of the strange inconsistencies in scale and perspective in the original, I had considered doing this piece as a medeival illumination or Dürer woodcut.


Marcel Ruijters said...

What a great idea! I could imagine whole anthologies of redrawn childhood scribbles... And nothing against the Albrecht Dürer approach of course. Good job!

Human Mollusk said...

Yeah great stuff, Kurt! I agree with Marcel, we could do this as a EBG group project.
We've often talked about doing sth like this ages ago, and this sound like a good concept.

btw, this guy does it, too:
I like how he tries to keep the weird anatomy from the children's drawings in his paintings.

Aeron said...

Great idea Kurt! And I agree, this could make a fantastic anthology. I posted some of my childhood drawings here a few years ago - http://eatenbyducks.blogspot.com/2008/06/ancient-beastiary.html

Marcel Ruijters said...

Those are really funny to see, Aeron. Thanks for the link, because that dates from way before I joined EBD.
It makes me want to visit my parental cave again to look for the early stuff. And I do mean early as I was drawing dragons and skeletons at age three. (And trains, but I lost interest in those later)

Kurt Komoda said...

I've been uploading a bunch of childhood drawings on Facebook- some of which I've tried to recreate. If anyone is on Facebook, look me up- just be sure to add a message so I know you're from this blog.

Would LOVE to see anyone else's childhood monsters and, of course, your modern day takes on them. We could even draw each other's monsters! Wait. That sounded obscene.