Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spare ribs of the Long Pig

It wasn't until the late Middle Ages when scientists started performing autopsies, that the wide-spread belief of men having one rib less than women was definitely debunked.


Human Mollusk said...
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Human Mollusk said...

that's a fantastic image, Marcel. comparing it with the one in your last post, I think the grey layer works better when it is broken up/scratched off like in this one.
idea: you could do a variety of your special technique hatchings in black and white and then use them (inverted) as masks for your grayscale layer. that way you could have the same style of hatchings in both the black and grey lines. or, on the light table you could manually do a second black and white drawing for the areas where the grey is supposed to go, then scan it and overlay it as a grey layer on top of the black drawing. more work but also more control and less computer.
I think Jens Harder uses a similar technique to create the flat color layers for his drawings, like in Alpha for example. I usually jus paint my gray layers in PS but that mainly works because with the standard brush you can easily create feathering strokes that are very similar to the ones of a normal analog ink brush.
in contrast your woodcut-like lines are probably more dificult to achieve digitally.

Marcel Ruijters said...

Yes, I have been thinking about doing something like that. But as you say, it means more work. Much more work, I am affraid. And it would be a bit cumbersome to draw a second layer on a light table for scanning. But maybe there is no cutting corners here.
On the other hand, I haven't been putting much effort in the grey layer yet. Just went over it with white quickly, just to see what difference it would make. Somehow it might be best to keep it basic, as the line art is pretty detailed as it is.

alkbazz said...

This one sound good for painting! well, not exactly, I must say this one seems to be colored yet, I can see colors and gold

Marcel Ruijters said...

Yes, this one was intended for further alkbazz treatment. ;-)