Saturday, August 06, 2011

Sketchbook #39

Yet another sketchbook cover, painted front and rear with acrylics. Somehow, the front cover usually does not come out as naturally. I don't paint much so my technique gets a bit rusty.
Anyway, I can't keep myself from putting corpse-painted feral men through a lot of torture. Here is one being eaten by a giant viper pregnant with three little ones eating their way out (which was the medieval way of birth).
The elephant was thought of as a exemplary animal as it would not mate unless forced to. This is a cloven-hoofed evil variety however, protecting a Blemmyan.


Gaspard Pitiot said...

Nice drawings !

donaldh said...

Here is a link for you to check out;

Human Mollusk said...

Man, I really love both paintings, but you're right, the colors in the backside one work better. Maybe the blue in the first is just too pure.

Marcel Ruijters said...

@donaldh: Yeah! BibliOdyssey is one of the best blogs on the planet! These emblemata in that link are intriguing to say the least. I have been looking at alchemy pictures for years. A lot of meaning is probably obscured by time - in the 16th century these might not have been as hard to decode as they are for us now. (A bit like Jheronimus Bosch's paintings, which are full of medieval Dutch proverbs.)