Monday, March 26, 2018

2 legs good, 8 legs OK, thousand legs wouhou!

ahah sorry for copying, tentacules concordance ;)

This is Shub-Niggurath with her thousand child

I think it was time for me to illustrate these demons from my teenage hero Lovecraft!
I know since then many many illustrated this and probably there's nowadays rules and tradition but i know nothing about it, except these by Fufu which are greater than I could do, but I'll try to challenge the one I can see made of computer layering.
I will try to make the others characters, already got some sketches for few of them. Oh and yes i surely already did Cthulhu once or two!


Marcel Ruijters said...

LOL just share the tentacles!

FuFu Frauenwahl said...

Fuck the rules! Your Shubby looks great!