Friday, March 30, 2018

Announcing Tarot Goblinko by Sean Äaberg

Hello Eaten By Ducks! For my next feat of artistic & occult strength I will be producing a Tarot Deck - the Tarot Goblinko by Sean Äaberg. I have been doing a new card for each issue of PORK magazine that has come out recently where my wife Katie has been picking the cards & I've been drawing them in order. It has been a very intense series so far & I have found myself resonating with the tarot in a way that I have never previously. I will be putting the same amount of energy into the Major & Minor Arcana. We will be launching a kickstarter on Friday the 13th this April to get this project funded & so I can have the time to really give my all to each of the 78+ Tarot Cards. We'll be shooting for an end goal of having the deck produced in blacklight reactive ink. Here are some of the cards I've done so far.  

 Everyone who backs the Tarot Goblinko kickstarter on the first day will get the Early Bird card as a kickstarter exlclusive!

You can get posters & the issues of PORK with these covers from the GOBLINKO MEGAMALL.


FuFu Frauenwahl said...

Fantastic work, Sean!

Marcel Ruijters said...

Interesting, that Early Bird...