Thursday, December 18, 2008

TCJ Narrative Corpse 2

Okay, so since no one else is plugging this thing, I'm gonna do it.
Among many other well-known and not-so-well-known artists, serveral members of this venerable gang participated in a comic jam project which originated over on the Comics Journal message board. It was the second such endeavor, went on for over a year and was recently concluded. It turned out really nice and I daresay Sean, Zeke, Aeron, Ray, Jon, David and myself (edit: and CHRIS!) did a pretty good job of defending the honor of the Ducks.
Here's the blog page where the whole thing can be read.
These are my pages - I originally handed them in in black & white, but added some greyscales later:


Mr. Sean said...

yowza! thanks for letting me know it's done. nice job there Fufu. I love the ending. I colored mine as well when i got bored later, i'll see if i can find that.

chris said...

nice. yeah i had a page too.

Human Mollusk said...

Shit! Sorry Chris! I had the certain feeling I was missing someone, but didn't realize it was you.
I'll rectify it in the post right away.

Aeron said...

Love your pages, Fufu, and the rest of the duckers! I found it fascinating that you and I unintentionally followed a similar concept for our pages, that being multiple figures merging into a giant beast.

I got one of the Kipper Kids, Brian Routh, to participate in this but unfortunately he had to back out due to some very serious circumstances. I am reluctant to even mention it but as he keeps an online journal discussing it in intimate detail, that fact is he discovered he had cancer. Fortunately he has said it is in remission but I really wish we could have gotten him back into this project. I got a lot of great artists in on this, the one I'm most proud of being Mat Motherfucking Brinkman, but I wish we could have kept Jeff Soto. If I was running the ship I know I would have kept him on board.

Not to say it was handled bad by any means, T did a bitchin job getting the sucker rolled out and finished. And he had every right to boot people if they weren't responding to him regarding deadlines.

The problem in the end with the second volume was very fucked scheduling which I think was unavoidable. We had certain artists set for certain months and once that slipped, some artists were just too busy with other projects once we needed them past the months they'd vouched for.

But, that said, T did a great job on this and I'm happy with how it turned out.

And for anyone not aware, I took charge of the first Corpse once Ray Tan decided to pull his vanishing act. Let me tell you, it wasn't easy getting all those pages back and I went out of my way to wait months after months to get the original artists involved to send me their pages vs boot them for new blood. I mainly did that because it wasn't their fault that Ray fucked up and I felt really bad that the 3 or 4 artists that did draw their pages couldn't have been kept in. For whatever reason those guys vanished online as well so we had to replace a few of em.

Hopefully we've learned from these first two corpses and the next will go even better to plan.

Human Mollusk said...

Thanks guys! Aeron, yeah I noticed the similarity, too. It's even funnier since it's already the second time this has happened. Remember back in the first NC my ending featured little parasite thingies which I had come out of a talking cadaver's belly on the cover page and then stroll across the index pages. They also looked a lot like a similar caravan of beasties in your contribution.

Sick minds think alike, I guess.

Aeron said...

Haha, yeah I forgot to mention that. That is insane!

Paleo said...

those 4 pages are a blast Fufu, love it.

And i take the chance to show how my page REALLY is supposed to look like:

Human Mollusk said...

David, your contributions is totally insane and among my absolute faves!

Paleo said...

i posted that adress because the Jpeg they used in the site is a piece of Shit ( my high res bitmap file was converted to Jpeg without first being turn to grayscale: Shit)gotta harass the guy again to replace it, but yeah, i'm glad you liked it!