Friday, December 05, 2008

My First 3 Digital Collages

The Fragment Room, 7/25/03

Guardian Of The Cabinets, 8/5/03

The Pied Piper, 8/25/03

Do you have artwork that you later realize shaped your vision and visual style for years on? These three digital collages, the fragment room being my first rough attempt at using photoshop, and the following 2, were the start of what I'll probably spend the rest of my life working on.. The Land Of The Moth. It's strange to think about those few artworks that lead the way for the rest.


Gaspard Pitiot said...

They are interesting. Striking. Did you read the project about Livre Sans Poche in the EBD group? I think the last work would fit perfectly in (Zeke chose the theme : Goose liver).

Paleo said...

you got so much more sophisticated with the years, those look like daguerrotipes from the Land of the Moth!

And yeah, it happens, a long time ago, half the way walking home at night, i cross a street and as soon as i step over the new block, all the electricity, as far in front of me as i can see, goes away, it was like with a stomp of my right foot i made half of Lanus City dissapear. Sometimes, like with these collages, you thinking you're going home and find yourself smack in the middle of the Land of the Moth!

Aeron said...

I need to read up on that project. And thanks David. I didn't even understand how to use feathering the edges to my advantage in these. And the orignals of these are very small and low res as I didn't think about the print size. I think all three of these are around 8 x 11 inches and under 100 ppi. Recent works are closer to 20 x 30 inches and 600 - 800 ppi. I'd like to work bigger but anything beyond that and my Mac really chugs along, making it take forever to do the simplest task in photoshop. One of the biggest differences in my digital technique from 4 or 5 years ago has been trading out dodging and burning for layering in light and dark surface textures with overlay patterns to brighten or darken. Dodging and burning effects are usually obvious but doing this makes the lighting and darkening effects much more subtle.

Unknown said...

Even for the first 3 theres a real strong vision behind this stuff. It obiviously had a future.

zeke said...

Proper good stuff, really innaresting to see these early incantations.
Gotta say Aeron, you're one of the very, very, very few artists that use the computer to make impressive images. The only other artist I can think of who uses just the computer to make cool stuff is Ray Ceaser.
Despite the amazing potential of computers it seems that even good artists who try and produce purely digital imagery often create works that suck!
With that in mind it makes your work even more impressive.