Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hell Dorado

Some interesting sculptures of demons I found. More here.


Gaspard Pitiot said...

ahahah I guess the first one is self hatred and the second one is schizophrenia… Modern sins have nothing to do with the old ones… Medicine has improved, it is much easier to cure someone who is obsessed with consumerism and vain pleasures than it was… But the church has died. And we fail to cure problems linked to identity, self and bad behaviour… Punishment was far more yummy than the bland modern well being policy… Ahahah
It was more easier to be your own enemy than to obliterate your own aggressive feelings. What the fuck? I am aggressive and it is far more easier and soberer than to take pleasure playing with you… Nobody respect a looser, nobody respects a winner, the scornful human being only likes losers who tamed and spat on other losers.

Aggaine (my only problem belongs to my environment and my nature... for the rest, I am fine…)

Future Trash said...

i really like those - reminds me of my clive barker fanboy days.