Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Black Hole.

I've wanted to see this film since I saw bits of it on TV one X-mas as a nipper and got really into the cute robots v.i.n.c.e.n.t. and old b.o.b.
Finally got to see it and it's great, bit wooden at the start but it gets going and has a real dark, bonkers feel to it. The whole thing looks beautiful too.


Future Trash said...

I love it in all it's badness. Just look at the first photo you posted of B.O.B. Such shitty effects/modeling. Though if I hadn't seen it when I was a kid (I also had the LP with it's large format, color booklet - which was all you could do then since Betamax wasn't big yet) I'm not sure I would appreciate it - seeing it for the first time now. I heard that Disney rushed to make it (it was released in 1979) after they saw Star Wars in 1977.

zeke said...

What can I say, I'm a sucker for v.i.n.c.e.n.t. and b.o.b., love how they made b.o.b.'s eyes look sad to go along with his clapped out concept.
Nutso ending too, the bit where Maximillian's stood on the rock's very effective.
Dunno why but I love this movie!

Turok Reader said...

think i had the photo-comic novel too maybe or is that my imagination.
I think it`s quite a creepy film with a very odd atmosphere and definitely the best Disney movie.

Jeffrey Meyer said...

Sunuvabich! I was just taking screen-captures of this yesterday to post online! You bastard, Zeke!

It's a really interesting film -- gorgeous, almost archaic production design, weird, challenging ideas for a Disney flick, fantastic John Barry score, three of my favorite actors (Robert Forster, Ernest Borgnine, Anthony Perkins )(four if you count Slim Pickens' voice)...

It's beauty.

zeke said...

Sorry Jeffrey! Please do post some screen captures anyway, it'd be great to see 'em, I just nabbed these off the internet.
What's your take on the crazy ending?
The Black Hole lives!