Thursday, November 06, 2008

ink studies & sketch's from "inos"


SEAN said...

Very cool stuff man. A unique yet familiar science fiction vision.

zeke said...

It's good to see the pencil sketches here as well as your ink work, is the face dancer sketch a Dune illustration?

Grimalkin Press said...

These are sweet man. Is there a site with more? Reminds me of a more robust Beardsley

Anonymous said...

It's always interesting to see the more in progress phases of the artworks. I really enjoyed the temple piece, I'm a huge fan of the large heads with open mouthes as entrances. Mayan, Aztec, all those ancient ruins are always very inspiring. I'm very jealous of anyone living south of the United States with all those incredible structures scattered everywhere to see. The native indians of the past around here weren't much for building giant sacrificial temples!

- aeron

Unknown said...

thanks mr. sean.
zeke this one is not necessarily for the Dune universe. I'm still kinds working it out, but it'll fall along the lines of my own world.
R there is more on my blog There's a lot of stuff on there that is pre-EBD that I haven't had a chance to re-post on here.
aeron, yeah the Aztec/Mayan stuff is great. I have embraced Szukalski's Zermatism.