Monday, September 19, 2011


Pekka Pt (Clay Figure, Gelsomina, Sick Seed) approved my artwork "Breastfeeder" to be the cover of his upcoming Hard And Obscure #4 zine. The zine will have interviews with Aarni (, Umpio (, Obscurex (, Sadistic Bliss, Tsurisaki Kiyotaka ( and one more tba.
The main character is a creature covered in latex mask. A women with uncountable number of breasts. She is useful just for providing essential substances for newborns. This is some kind of experiment, how much she will be able to give. Medical service supervises all the process tepidly. Behind the Breastfeeder stands an older child. He is to big to be breastfeeded, but still small enough to pretend to be a warrior while trying to impress his ex-feeder. He wants once again to suck one of her juicy breasts. Breastfeeder was created just for one purpose, and as soon as she didn't serve well, she will be replaced by new one. That's more or less an explanation of visual components. Lots of meanings are behind that, including exploitation, subservience, human modification and indifference, anonymity. Question, why we are trying to save the lives of weak individuals, to give them support, when that is clear that their future will be all meaningless misery...

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Marcel Ruijters said...

I like the symbolisms in your work, Shaltmira. Keep it up!