Saturday, September 17, 2011


People are getting tattoos of my drawings again so I must be doing it right, or rather, attracting the correct bad crowd.
My Mickey Mouse bomber on Alyssa Townsend. I love Mickey Mouse!!! If you watch the early cartoons, any anti-social behavior he was involved in in the underground comix is totally in character, despite Disney wanting to clean everything up in the 40s. The dirty 30s show a different Disney. THE TRUE DISNEY.
 Tattoo of my Mickey Mouse drawing
One of my trolls on Edvard Corvax. I keep meeting old Punk Rockers with tattoos of my art on them. It rules.
Tattoo of one of my Trolls.
My Ramonster on Lacey James. Notice his Mickey Mouse t-shirt! It would either be that or Popeye or Donald Duck.
  Lacey's Ramonster Tattoo
Here's the first Ramonster by the way. He's wearing a Coney Island t-shirt.


Human Mollusk said...

Cool tats! Someonme asked me if he could make himself a tattoo out of one of my cthulhus a while ago, but I never got to see it.

alkbazz said...

I've made some also, but these ones are great