Monday, September 12, 2011


I'm back on my Weirdo Art kick. The cartoon distortion, loose (for me) brushwork & anal shading has been super satisfying lately. I just finished up the second Monsters, Weirdos & Creeps card series but I haven't begun to promote them yet. I got a fantastic print job done from a friend of mine here on super heavy stock that's glossy on one side & matte on the other & the things just look fantastic. I'm also working on illustrating more of PORK magazine, which is also going very well. Here are a couple of illustrations from PORK. BAD IDEAS MEGA MIX I did this play on the Rolling Stones' lips for Personal & the Pizzas. Personal & the Pizzas


alkbazz said...

yeah that's great, love your punk style !m!

Human Mollusk said...

awesome to see some new stuff, sean - really cool. show us some of those cards please!

Aeron said...

Always love your card series, I think the first time I saw your work waayy back in, what was it, late 2005? On Art Dorks, you were doing some of those Wrestling Characters if I remember right.