Thursday, September 29, 2011


A personal drawing moment to share with you with my favorite tools. I got here a .7mm MEGA SKULLZ mechanical pencil. A .7mm Penstix by Alvin (made in Austria), which is the best disposable linework pen i've found to date. And a COPiC sketch 100 Black for brush work. They are refillable & the nibs are replaceable & i've had these guys for years & they rule. This is the beginning of the cover of PORK #4. drawing

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Anonymous said...

I have an unopened pack of the MEGA SKULLZ still in my desk, awesomeness. I would love to see you write up some comparison of the Copic versus a Pigma or just good ol Sharpie. I tend to want to buy everything at the store when I go but since I don't make any money off my work I have a hard time justifying the quickly mounting expense of that.