Thursday, July 10, 2008

The coolest shirts in the universe..

Found this pic over at a Neato Coolville flickr gallery.  This apparently was in the 1976 Sears Wishbook Christmas catalog. - source


Matthew Allison said...

Oh, man did I ever want one of those. There were always ads for them in the back of Creepy and Famous Monsters along with ads for coffin-shaped pendants that supposedly had dirt from Dracula's castle in them. Then there were those 6' tall Vampirella and Jack Davis Frankenstein cut-outs.

I read an interview with Richard Sala and he talked about ordering all of that stuff when he was a kid and having kept it. Lucky bastard.

Now I think I'll have Dingus wear one of those shirts.

Mostyn said...

MAn, I wish I had gotten one of those and all that other great stuff.

Aeron said...

I remember someplace was selling vials of dirt from the graveyard that the original Night of the Living Dead was filmed in.

Mostyn said...

Why cant they make these for grownups?