Saturday, July 26, 2008


Ok, so I wanted to pick your brains a little. When you are writing zines or stories, how do you all go about it? I am not looking for "the one way" just curious as to how people work. How much rewriting? Do any of you do any non fiction or autobiography? details. thanks


Sean Goblin said...

I combine biography with philosophy & non-fiction. Usually there is a central rambling piece like a rant, which covers the gist of the zine. Then there are some smaller research/history pieces, some reviews, art, maybe some poetry. etc.

Aeron said...

The occasional short stories that I write happen really fast and just fall out of my head. It's weird because I don't plan them out, think them up, they just begin playing like some insane short film in my head and I just have to get a pen or keyboard near me and write it down as quick as possible before I forget it.

The comic stuff I'm working on is much more process oriented and methodical. The story is written in tiny chunks that I have to fit together over time like jigsaw pieces to hopefully become a cohesive whole.

Anonymous said...

I really think all it comes down to is writing about what you know very well and are passionate enough about that it pretty much has to come out. I haven't written anything serious for a while now, but when I was writing more I'd pretty much vomit-up a huge pile of stuff and then sift through it after I've calmed down a little bit, cutting and pasting, refining, etc.

MD Encolpius said...

If I'm writing a story I start by story-boarding it. Then under the images I write small notes to myself. But that's for short stories- I've never made a comic yet.

Paleo said...

the more i work over the storyboard, the better the final comic ends being.

That said i'm drawing a series of comics with this character Tcha Chuk, and they're largely improvised, but because they're drawn in cheap paper i've been editing 'em with scissors, cutting a sequence here, adding another page there, lots of fun.

My only genuine autobio comic its called "La Luz" and appeared in the
Comics Journal special edition 4, and i don't plan to ever be honest again in comics form.