Thursday, July 10, 2008

Public Transportation and Fire

So I had this weird idea the other day for an insane public transportation system in my Hob Bob book.  I forgot about it for a few days but I remembered it tonight. I fortunately had a pencil and paper nearby, so I drew it down.  This is a simplified interpretation, I had a vision of a vast centipede like creature crawling across a landscape with long rows of horns protruding out of its spine that are used to attach hanging seats between. 

Also, I witnessed a vast fire a few days before the 4th of Juy that consumed a large pet store and firework store.  I was in the petshop a few months back and saw a really cool talking bird that had some serious attitude which apparently died along with the rest of the animals that burned to death... kittens, fish, birds, rabbits, snakes, lizards, gerbils, although I don't think there were any dogs there for whatever reason.  The fire was sad but amazing, especially when the firework store went next door, if you can imagine what all the fire works in a firework store sound and look like going off at the same time across a few minutes alongside an all consuming fire, that's the insanity I witnessed! My cousin got some pics and video.  More on youtube..


Jeffrey Meyer said...

God, I would love to ink that fucker.

Paleo said...

it could have a chaffeur riding on the, all full of holes, skull, tendrils of brain came out of the holes that he pulls to steers the creature by.

Sean Goblin said...

Awesome concepts all around. The whole thing about the pet shop & fireworks store going up in smoke is like the set-up for some fucked up joke. Fantastic!