Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chad Van Gaalen

-Ripped off the link from the MeatHaus blog. I really like the drawing, the character designs, and the narrative is pretty neat too. I'm excited by this kind of post-Fort Thunder ( am I identifying myself as an old stodgy dork by even using this term?) drawing. You lose a little bit of the primacy, but I like how it's being refined and actually put to use in readable narratives. What was once seen as radically stupid is becoming fairly mainstream. Pretty soon we'll get some Adult Swim shows that look like this stuff. Devin Flynns' stuff on SuperDeluxe is already on the radar..


Human Mollusk said...

Yeah, that's really nice!

Anonymous said...

That's an incredible cartoon! I love everything about it, the music, the lyrics, all of it. I especially dig the end scene of the witch character growing into a giant with heads popping in and out of its body, fucking awesome!

- aeron

SEAN said...

Pretty neat to see these crazy drawings animated, but i hate the whole limited computery look to the movement & everything, it doesn't work for me. The song i must admit to hating as well.