Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wallpaperz 2.0

Sometimes wonder why I make so many of these kinds of images ( I call them wallpapers) and I think I've figured it out: They're really easy.I wish it were something more involved, I do.
I did this one in about 10 minutes on photoshop, without Wacom , as I listened to a radio program.
It's a very simple process, flipping and cutting and pasting shapes taken from scans of drawings, usually contrasted to total black, and the payoff is pretty simple too; You can't really guess what you're going to get, exactly, until it's all flipped and pasted.It's like doing a rorschach or something.It's just kind of a cool surprise. Simple as that.


Aeron said...

It gives off a sort of noise frequency vibe from some gadget recording sound pitch. Could be the thin lines running across like a broken up grid.

Jeffrey Meyer said...

Good stuff.

Hey, does anyone know the name of that hot-shit painter who starts with a picture of a robot or something, digitizes it (so it looks sort of like Uland's drawing above) and then paints it big? Can't remember the guy's name... but thought Uland might dig it.