Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Two new sketches from the Inos sketchbook

The top small sketch for God Emperor of Dune was based on a description of a audience that took place in the underground fortress in the city Onn. The composition of the sketch was inspired by Japanese prints that quite often use the birds-eye-view perspective and my own experience in the ancient palace in Kyoto. I decided to minimize the size of Leto II in the sketch and make him a part of the environment. The God Emperor is particularly hard to illustrate, it's hard not to make him look like a turd with a head. Artists have shown Leto II in a variety of ways, my addition was to fully incorporate him into the royal carriage, as called in the book.
Lastly, I gave him a mask, I thought it would cater to the idea of ceremony and divine status.
The sketch below is a study for another ink called "The Lovers."


Aeron said...

I love the concept of the aquarium grid floor! I haven't read the book so I can't visualize the context of this image, but it would be cool to see a character holding up some sort of ceremonial spear that has pierced one of the water creatures.

I'd really like to see you do an elaborate city scene showing off all manner of Baroque architecture and the odd hybrid figures/ornament crafted creatures roaming about.

ULAND said...

Cool stuff. You don't often see art related to scifi done
in a loose, sumi brush style.The more I look at your stuff, the more I like it.

Sean Goblin said...

This is some nice work. I really like the first piece & like that you are doing scenes from Dune etc.

zeke said...

Wonderful drawings,I feel the same way as Uland in that the more of your work I see the more I like it.
It'd be amazing to see your interpretation of Leto's death.

Katy said...

I love your style. I haven't seen any pictures of the later Dune books, and God Emperor is my favorite in the series. Please do more!