Tuesday, September 02, 2008

On & On Til the Break of Dawn

Here are two new screen prints I am having done. These are just scren shots - I will post images of the posters when I get them in a couple weeks. These are to be released October 4th at a solo show I am having here in Main at the Frontroom Gallery. They are "Thromming Goddess" and "Thromming Castle." They should be hot at 18" x 24".


ULAND said...

Wow. can you sell me one of those?

Aeron said...

Hell Yeah, reminds me of Castlevania!

Chad Verrill said...

Funny I thought people would call nme out on Q*Bert before Castlevania. I actually played Castlevania quite a bit back in the day. The other game I never enjoyed. Castlevania would be a lot moe awesome if they hired me to design the levels.

And yes, Uland, these will be for sale on my site on October 11th - I will post pictures of how they ended up looking after printed - hopefully pretty close to the same.