Thursday, September 04, 2008

Crazy Old Japanese Cartoon

Speakin o cartoonz, you gotta check this one out. More specifically, watch the insanity that plays out from the 5 minute mark

A horde of giant snake beasts, shooting bullets out of their forked tongues? at a giant robot character who puts a handful of weird characters inside its hollow chest, turns into a tank that flattens one of the snakes. Then we see a horde of demonic bats with Mickey Mouse heads in the sky. One is attacked by a group of bees with spears that stab it in unison, causing it to explode into a mouse headed skeleton bat that falls through the sky. Then the rest explode into skeleton bats and fall out of the sky. I live for scenes like that! Get to the 2 minute mark and check out that Mickey Mouse character riding the Mickey Mouse headed bat blowing a horn, great stuff.


Sean Goblin said...

wow. that was totally crazy.

Paleo said...

I want to reincarnate inside that cartoon.

As a weasel made of crude petrol if possible.


Human Mollusk said...

Fucking insane. Thank you for sharing.