Friday, December 29, 2006

Art Desk ---- A.A

detail of the right side
detail of the left side

Here's an example of the messy space I do a lot of artwork on. It's usually completely free of clutter when I'm drawing the creature features, but I've been doing some painting and that stuff gets everywhere. Ok, I tossed a few of the demon paintings I've been working on across the center. There's a few painting doodles on the left and right, just screwing around with paint. In the upper left you'll see a few toys that keep me company, an Alice In Wonderland related insect, a fire monster and a freshly opened and put together Modulok.

If anyone else can post the areas they do their artwork on, I'd like to see it.


Luke P. said...

This is cool to see. It looks mighty cluttered. I'm amazed you don't have a regular drawing table, considering how much drawing you do.
I'll post pics of mine soon.

Jon Chandler said...

yeah good idea, I want to see them areas.

Modulok plus is that a fire monster from Dungeons & Dragons?

aeron said...

Yeah I'm holding out on the drawing table until I can find a good one, I've gone through a few that have junked out on me. The fire demon is from some weird 80's toyline, can't remember what it's called. I've actually had that toy since I was a child, goddamn evil looking demon thing made of fire, that's what I'm talking about.

Jon Chandler said...

I had that fire guy too. My grandad used to have an ice-cream van that he went to a US army base with. Those guys had all these cool yanky toys we couldn't get over here, and one day he gave me this big box of D&D type toys. Fire monster was in there. Why so angry mR. Fire Monster?

aeron said...

I found a thread someone started about my artwork at this messageboard and stumbled across this post, lots of seriously awesome looking toys.

I've actually got the one of the rock thing with a wrestler demon, picked it up at Hollywood Mirror in Chicago a few years back. I picked up this other weird toy there that was a combination of skulls, japanes creatures and robot things. The guy that worked there (tall skinny japanese dude who whore Buddy Holly glasses and hairdo and was always wearing a gremlins 2 tshirt) said he made it himself and I had him autograph it.

Anyway, check out this page

Check out the multi headed hydra beast at the bottom!

I blame the fact that I used to have toys like this for why I draw what I do.

aeron said...

Ha, I found the fire thing, it's on this page..

Jon Chandler said...

good research