Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Let's Get This Party Started

Hello all. My plan is to update weekly with a new scene from an ongoing comics project. Here's six possible beginnings; will it be one of these???


aeron said...

Awesome, I loved your Zork styled comic. It would be cool to have a comic that you have to flip to page 43 to see your fate.

Human Mollusk said...

Yeah, great stuff, Jon. Looking forward to seeing more... Welcome aboard!
Aeron, there was one french comic in the late eighties that basically worked like the fighting fantasy books:

zeke said...

I hope it's either the gumby like character or the duck that's the 1st panel!

Nathaniel Metcalfe said...

Numbers 2, 3 and 4 please.

I like Jon Chandler comics. I have 6 comics with Jon Chandler in them.

Inko said...

 I completely agreee with zeke!
The duck one is great!
I reconise the gumby like character from your old comic!

Luke P. said...

Looks good jon! I'm voting for gumby.

Jon Chandler said...

My favourite choose your own adventure comic is the 2000ad Dice Man series from the 80's.
Hey, thanks for the votes and interest everyone.
And Nathaniel, I just counted, I think you've got the lot!
Oh I just saw there are two number IV's haha!
Christmas is coming so I'll probably start posting the comic after then as I'll be out of town...

CMVrl said...

I don't see any Gumby like character. Make references to popular culture can hurt artist feelings.
I like the one with the Bruce willis indian and the Dinorider biped (joke references to first sentence)--only becuase it opens up the comic to either make the reader angry, make them angry and then prove you are just making a point or killing off the main characters for being racist (since it's christmas you could kill them with kindness or love them to death). It has great forward movement.

Jon Chandler said...


Actually Gumby is pretty much unknown in the Uk and I first heard of him through the Paper Rad cartoons (i thought he was one of their inventions) and then recently through the new Gumby comic I came to understand the phenomena. Actually my Gumby is called Black Metal Claws and I made him up a lot of years ago but all the other characters on this post are new'uns.
I'm not offended. add emoticon here.