Friday, December 08, 2006

Sacred Bundle, Raven, Coyote

This is the first page containing actual real life deities -- from the American Indian Mythos, as I promised yesterday. Specifically we've got a sacred bundle (magic item) and pictures of Raven ("responsible for the creation/transfomation of the world") and Coyote ("responsible for teaching arts and crafts and the use of light and fire".)

This was the first drawing which took significantly longer than it looks like it took. I think I tried it three or four times before I was even vaguely happy with it. I think it's because there was more than one picture on the page; it screwed with me.

I hadn't remembered that Siah (my son) had liked me to sing to him this long ago. I wrote a treacly poem on the same theme more recently. Here it is, for those of you who like treacly poems:

For Siah

Every night a lullaby
Though my voice is cracked and wrong.
My Si
Will cry
If he doesn’t get his song.

The singing’s worse than tears,
But Siah doesn’t know.
He hears,
And fears
Unclench like little toes.

Eyelash and love are light
Enough for a breath to shift.
So slight.
Some night
You will not want my gift.

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