Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mask Trade Of The Sand Hydra

Another page of conceptual doodles to help me flesh out the world of Hob Bob. On this page is an imp like character wearing a mask and weilding a large hammer that he uses to smash into the numerous heads of a sand hydra. Like a lizard dropping its tail, the hydra loses its heads and grows them back. The imp collects the heads, harvesting them from the hundreds of holes the hydra uses to feed on surface dwelling creatures.

After a long day of wacking hydra heads the imp hollows them out and eats the brains in a soup. The heads are left to dry out on poles under the moon. The following day the imp takes his collection of hydra heads to sell at a local market which specializes in masks made from the infinite and bizarre faces of the sand hydra.


Jon Chandler said...

god, these keep getting better!

Noah Berlatsky said...

Yeah, I like these a lot. Do you have a sense of when you're likely to actually have product one could purchase?

aeron said...

Thanks, not sure when I'll be ready to release Hob Bob. At first I was wanting to rush out the first issue then I decided to hold back and try to develop the story and world a bit more. It's grown into an obsession where I want to display a vast and intricate fantasy world of thousands of species, cities, religions, countries, Gods, etc. But I'm hoping to have the first book of Hob ready by next summer. The first book I'll probably be selling will be my collection of 1,000 monster drawings "The Creature Features". Hoping to have that ready by springtime. Other then that I'm selling those monster drawings and have a small series of demon paintings that I'm working on this week that will be for sale on my blog soon, the first one is on there now. I struggle focusing on one thing at a time so I'm usually juggling 20 projects back and forth.