Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Old Man Who Had An Alcohol Problem And Began Growing Rapidly

That pretty much sums up this story that's on my table at the moment.


aeron said...

Weird idea for a story. I'm imagining him reaching for the alcohol only for it to roll away into another room. As he reaches through a doorway to get it his body starts growing again and his hand gets stuck in the doorway, mere feet away from the beer that is pouring out across the floor. Then his fingers grow mouthes that say, "I can almost taste it!" as they stick their tongues out trying to lap up the beer that is pooling up on the floor.

Matthew Allison said...

You're pretty close. As he grows he is less impressed with what's happening to his body than with the fact that he can see his favorite bar and the Coors brewing factory. Once he extends into outer space he gets chilly and wishes for an Irish coffee. Eventually his head will pop into heaven's floor at which point he'll ask god his beer preference. Zoink!