Thursday, December 21, 2006

Pig Inferno

I stumbled across this amazing lithograph by Ehrgott & Krebs Lith. of a pig slaughterhouse. The panel arrangement reminded me of a comic page and it's inspired me to do something like it. I'm thinking of reinterpreting this with a David Cronenberg "ExistenZ" type of slaughterhouse with really weird imaginary creatures being butchered.

Now a bit of warning with the following file link, this image is 220 megabytes as an uncompressed tiff file but it is HUGE and you can really admire all the fine details of this incredibly detailed color lithograph. This next link will take you to a 175 megabyte tiff file of the black and white version of the same image with the two lower panels reversed.


Noah Berlatsky said...

That's gorgeous.

Luke P. said...

Awesome discovery. You must browse for hours.

aeron said...

I go on hunting sprees about 3 times a week looking for interesting material for Monster Brains and I usually find stuff like this along the way.