Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Middle-Manager LP

--The black-tentacled boss man .As matter is supreme in this scientistic false-conciousness, an ‘efficient’ manager of human behavior should possess the ubermenschen ability to manipulate , disseminate and re-organize within his bureau at will, re-configuring his control-grid while his loyal underlings chalk-up ( some will make graphs) all apparent changes to the vagaries of a “dynamic” system.
This is his patron demon.


Noah Berlatsky said...

I really like this. It's got more space than the other stuff of yours I've seen, which is great. The design's clean and clear, even with all the snaking weirdness. It reminds me a bit of some Beardsley drawings I've been looking at. Very nice.

aeron said...

Are you familiar with the album art of Tool's album "Lateralus"? There were multiple translucent sheets of artwork that formed together into one meshed image. It would be cool to see you do something like that with this image. Maybe have another picture that contains a skeletal structure, another with some abstract pattern. Not sure what material you could use, maybe sheets of mylar?

Luke P. said...

Thanks dudes. I Love TOOL and their artwork. The guitar player is a master sculptor and animation guy. He actually worked at the design studios for things like Jurassic Park, building models. That cover is a classic. They love Szukalski too, which endears me to them even more.
Zak Sally, a local Minneapolis cartoonist who'se getting a little bigger, did a great mini with an anatomical , multiple mylar cover.

CMVrl said...

Fucking awesome.