Monday, December 04, 2006

P&D, frontispiece art

So here's the second installment. The original frontispiece is a picture of a bunch of more or less generic good gods fighting a bunch of more or less generic evil demon gods. (I'm not including pictures of all the original art because it would be a pain to scan them and also probably a copyright violation.)

I did these drawings using ballpoint pen, by the by. And this one also took only 15 minutes or so, I think, if you can believe it. I remember when I showed it to my wife, she audibly wondered if it might not be a better idea for me to just abandon this project altogether.

Oh yeah, if you click on this you will get a bigger version, in which the text is legible.

The Wiggles referred to in the text are of course the evil Australian television children's personalities, with which my son was obsessed at the time (and still is, albeit to a blessedly lesser extent.

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