Saturday, December 16, 2006

Banner a Hit With Toddlers

My three-year-old son, Siah, saw Fufu's banner on-screen and was absolutely fascinated. "Scary ducks!" he declared, and then wanted to stare at it for about 10 minutes (an eternity in toddler time.) I showed him the alternate version (with the more shadowy ducks) and he loved that too.


Paleo said...

You DID smack him on the head, while screaming - THAT'S A WILLHEM BUSCH REFERENCE YOU BRAT!!!- didn't you?

Its never too early to start with the comics discipline.

Human Mollusk said...

That's an awesome compliment! Tell your son I'm delighted.

aeron said...

So if you take him to a petting zoo is he going to point and scream "Zombie ducks, agghh!!" and run away?