Friday, December 08, 2006

Totem Worms

Here's another page of concept art for Hob Bob. The totem worm is a large predator that consumes small animals. It has a slow digestive tract so a large collection of animal remains gather inside the worm over time. Once it is completely filled the worm then regurgitates the remains along with a sac made of a thin membrane. It expel the remains from the ground up creating a totem pole structure out of their waste. Insect like creatures consume the thin membrane that is wrapped around the remains leaving a pole of strange skeletal remains. It is easy to identify the habitat of this predator as they leave vast forests of these gruesome but fascinating relics of their eating habits.


Paleo said...

Aeron's otherwordly encyclopedia rocks!

zeke said...

It sure does! I can't wait to read the comic, WOW!!!