Sunday, January 28, 2007


Here's a recent painting from the Goetia series.


Noah Berlatsky said...

It's funny, but there's a whimsical quality to this that makes me think of children's book illustration. It's great.

Luke P. said...

YEah, I can see that. It could work.
I bought two of these from Aeron; they're prominently displayed in my studio. They look even better in the flesh.

aeron said...

Thanks, and I really appreciate that Luke. What did you think of those Brueghel prints? And I've been inspired by Renee French's childrens books that function more as adult reading. I want to do something like that someday.

These paintings have a great tactile painterly surface but I really can't show that on the scanned versions without making the paintng look like crap. I'd have to show it with a lot of light reflection that distorts the image. But hey, Luke knows what I'm talking about, and the solid reds that turn orangish in these digital versions. These 72 paintings are going to make for an awesome little book.

Paleo said...

I think i can imagine the tactile quality of those, they still work great as 2-d images so you don't worry about it.

I kept imagining a show by you set in a circular labhyrint, in the outer ring hangs the 1000 monster drawings, then all the Hob Bob pages, this 72 demon series next... i don't know what i'll put in the center...those chicken jars?!

aeron said...

I've got some great plans for shows, and it's going to sucker punch in the face everything I'm used to seeing in galleries. It will take some time though but goddamnit, I'm gonna do some of this stuff before I die.

Example 1 - An exhibit shown in black lights with all the art made in glow in the dark paint, large monster sculptures as well as paintings. imagine a haunted house.

Example 2 - A show of my digital works shown through dozens of projectors on large rusted factory walls, preferably in some run down abandoned joint done in a secret rave party style. I might require all participants to consume some form of hallucinageons before entering the exhibit, on that note that would be a good idea for the black light show as well.

Example 3 - I have a theory in physical animation of objects but I have yet to test it out so I don't even know if it's possible. But it involves a gigantic spinning wheel, a small window, and hundreds of objects that give the appearance of movement through the window. I need to test this out someday and it's something that's been in my head since artschool days. if it could work I'd hope to accomplish a physical apperance of stop motion animation of a series of objects that each function as an individual cell of animation.