Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Pitstop

Despite the fact that I told Luke I might not be able to post for a little while, because I was too entrenched in projects, I decided I would post today since I just finished a run of screen prints based on a character in a new comic I just finished. The 6 page comic will be published in Bailliwik Volume 4 that comes out of Chicago and the first run of prints will be included in the first 50 copies of the book. I made 20 copies beyond that, so this is the largest edition I have done on the always-a-gamble-but-still-amazing Gocco unit.
This monster breaks off the largest mountain he can find and drops it on a development that is growing too fast above his cave home. Here he is on his way to crush them.

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Aeron said...

Fantastic print, I've always wanted to mess around with a gocco print making device. It's really too bad they're not making them anymore. Where did you get yours?

Luke P. said...

Yeah, this is great. I'm going to order the comic for sure, if it's possible. Can we get them from you Chad?

SEAN said...

Hey Chad, i was just perusing your website & REALLY REALLY dug your comic there using all of the cool design structures, the more worked inking & the folked out imagery. Great stuff. It really reminds me of the direction i was moving towards when i lost it & had absolutely no confidence in what i was doing anymore & went to art school. It's like i'm seeing what i could have done! Excellent. Very exciting. Thanks for doing it!

zeke said...

it's great to see some more stuff from you chad, this is ace!

CMVrl said...

I got my gocco on ebay actually when they were still being made. The local art store here still carries tons of the screens and inks and I actually buy from a mailorder company in bulk now and again.

When I get the books, I will post it, Luke or let you know how much I would sell one for.