Thursday, January 04, 2007

Workspace-- LP

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The drawing table. Works in progress are usually in the top corner- I start many drawings but lose steam halfway through. Very rarely do I finish any of these.
My go-to drawing implement is the Windsor & Newton Series 7 #2 brush, but I use rapidographs, uni-balls and cheap nibs too, mostly to kind of clean up certain cruddy brush lines or to add detail here and there.


SEAN said...

It's crazy, every place i've lived for pretty much my whole life has had hard-wood floors so seeing carpeting always makes me think of the few places i've lived with carpeting. It makes the house a whole lot quieter no?

Jon Chandler said...

A nice tidy workspace -sigh-

Aeron said...

What, no Polish posters on the wall?

Luke P. said...

It's just that room that's carpeted. The cats like to vomit there, for some weird reason ( Maybe they look at my drawings too closely..).
Most of my other spaces have been little crappy corners in tiny apartments. The change is due soley my girlfriend landing a good job after years of schooling..
If it weren't for her, I'd be in an effeciency somewhere you don't want to be at night.