Sunday, January 07, 2007

Preliminary by Chad Verrill

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c. 2007 Chad Verrill

This is the black & white preliminary for a series of 8 screen prints that are about ready to be produced. This one being the last it is called "end of days" and has a vague reference to the angel that locks the devil into a pit. I don't know where it is in the bible. I am not a christian, but like to reference christian themes as much as magic, even though I believe in neither.


Noah Berlatsky said...

That's really pretty, Chad. I think I prefer it to the color things of yours you've posted. The details seem to stand out more in black and white. Lovely.

aeron said...

I like that you stick to this highly stylized art nouveau imagery, certainly makes your work stand out. And the devil appearing almost hidden in the picture as a landscape is great.

I'm the same way with being interested in magic and religion but accepting none of it. Hell has inspired some of the best art in history.

Luke P. said...

I have certain Bible-based proclivities, but I'm not a member of a church or subscribe to any dogmatic reading of the Bible. It's unfortunate that the bible has been conflated with our church experiences, most of which eschew essentially a slave-morality. William Blake was a Christian but applied all kinds of mythological tales in his reading, infused with what we now have been taught to look at as 'Occult' material. Reading the Bible, to him, had nothing to do with 'reason' , in the Lockian sense of the word ( scientific, that is) , it was more like a long , visionary poem. He was ardently opposed to state-churches, well, to nearly all churches; he thought they pretty much missed the point of Jesus, which was, in part, that we don't need any priest-cults ( churches) any longer. ..
Oh, yeah, cool art .I look forward to seeing the print. I'd love to see a post about your printing process.